Friday, 20 January 2012

Tips for a nervous flyer

Hi dolls,
By no means am I a hypnotist or a qualified physiologist, but I do have some tips that I do believe really help when dealing with a nervous passenger. We are all human, and we do have our fears, its natural, I myself have never been afraid of flying but cats and spiders are another story. However, I will not say that I haven't had the odd moment during a flight, where turbulence has been so severe that I've had closed my eyes and say a prayer. I've learnt that turbulence is something that always passes, it’s much similar to driving your car along a bumpy road, it causes discomfort, but is not dangerous. As an air hostess, I've become used to the uneasy rides, when you're in the middle of serving dinner to an aircraft full of hungry passengers, you just learn to ignore it and get on with your job. (All smiles in the aisles). I often find when faced with a anxious, if I answer all the questions they have and tell them what to expect such as noises you hear during take off and landing, they become more relaxed. I always encourage them to tell a member of the crew before the flight, so regular attention is paid to that passenger. So enough of my rambles, here are some tried and tested tips.

According to statistics flying is recognised as the safest means of transportation, yes I can hear you thinking ‘how is that bit of metal gliding though the air safe?’ But it’s a clever invention beyond us, we just have to have faith that we will be safe.

One thing I always think about is, if the captain is happy to fly the aircraft we should be happy to be the passengers, the skipper would not put himself in danger if he had doubts.

Always remember that the crew on board have all been trained in the eventuality of emergency or instances such as a lady going into labour.  All aircrafts have safety measures and back ups in place, technology is so advance that we are able to talk to air traffic control  and medical experts, about anything that has gone wrong and where is quickest in the flight path to divert.

Let’s use my fear of cats as an example, many people have these as household pets and get on with life. I should be able to be in the same room with a feline if another human can do the same. I feel as though a fear is physiological and we can overcome it if we train ourselves to do so, just think many people fly countless times per week for business purposes, if they can do it why cant you?  

Yes we are not birds, but don’t let your dream vacation become a fearful nightmare.
  • Tell a member of the crew they will look after you , promise..x
  • Take a walk to the galley and have a good ole’ chinwag with the crew, this passes time and erases those uneasy thoughts for while.
  • Do things to take your mind off things that you cannot control, read a book.
  • Download ‘Angry Birds’, those suckers with there cheeky grins .. you’ll spend a LOT of time trying to knock them over on that one difficult level you've been trying to clear for 3 weeks now ARRRGHHHHHHH!.. Ermm, hypothetically speaking, if you were in that predicament as many people are* cough*.
  • Watch that new film that has just hit the cinemas in the entertainment on board. I suggest a comedy helps.. Laughing diverts the attention of the brain.. Ever tried speak to whilst laughing? Lol 
  • Find that person who is constantly dribbling while they sleep. Hilarious!
  • Catch some zzz’s , by the time you wake up it will be pretty much time to land at your destination.
  • Drink water,  I've seen many people drinking alcohol to banish the nerves, this only makes you a drunk mess when you arrive at border control.
  • Say to the person next to you that your nervous, a bit of light hearted conversation is always comforting, you might even make a friend or meet your future spouse. ;)
  • Listen to soothing music such as Michael Buble’, Usher, Alicia Keys.
  • Print out a picture of your holiday hotspot and take it with you, study it and just think how tranquil and relaxed you’ll be once you've arrived.
  • Think about the fact that you’ll be exploring something new; you've finally been able to leave your boring country and venture elsewhere.
  • Finally think of the memories you’ll make.
Flying can be fun I do it for a living, I get to see parts of the world I never thought I would, its amazing.. As long as you've got a bit of trust and faith that your God will be watching for your travels, u’ll be fine.x

                                                                                •♥• Tee •♥•