Saturday, 28 January 2012

New followers!

Hey dolls!
I have brand new shiney followers.. woohuu, its always better when you have more readers isn't it. Haha,
So with that I'd like to welcome **Beauty Geek** her page is right up my street, its fun and fashionable.
Also my favourite travel blogger Lorena over at **Travel Designery** has finally followed. This blog has inspired me and she has been to so many beautiful and exciting countries, more than I have and I do it for a living lol. Thank you guys... Mwah!! x

And suddenly my mouth goes :D

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Thursday, 26 January 2012

The dreaded chipped nail!

Howdi' dolls!
I've recently decided to incorporate a bit of fashion and skincare tips into my travel blog. As much as travel is my lifestyle, I also heart the latest trends as i previously worked in Topshop. I also think, but more than anything HOPE that my skincare products, will be helpful to you all should you decide to travel. I will try new products that I think will be good for me at work and I shall share them with you lucky beauts..So with that I felt it necessary to find a solution to chipped nails.

Being a air hostess, it is crucial that your nails are well groomed, I've been on the search for the perfect remedy. I've been looking for cheaper options than heading to the nails shop, as they are time consuming, busy and they smudge or chip before I've made it to the car. In the beginning I thought that gel acrylics were the best thing since sliced bread, but I later found I became sooo dependent on this and was spending around £20 every two weeks to re-fill them. When I finally took the gel off they were so brittle and ugly. This wasn't working..
I then moved on to DIY methods as I've heard so much about high street brands such as Barry M, Rimmel and even Towie's own range of nail varnishes, but none have worked. I find with these they just didn't dry properly and were fragile even after 2 days. Finally I tried an OPI in 'Red my fortune cookie'. I was very pleased and satisfied with the 8 day coverage before my work routine attacked them..
So now I've decided to try the new revolutionary Shellac nail range. This product has had rave reviews and is worn by many celebs. This is because of a 14 day formula that allows the polish to last and keep intact, with shine. Gone are the days well for fourteen, when the colour would lack shine and become chipped, smudge or even break. I can't stand to look at my nails once they begin chipping and for this reason I just go to work most days with a clear topcoat. If you are like me and are desperate to end your trips to the nail salon, invest in this pocket saver.
I'm sold guys, no chip or smudge what more could a travelling girl want..I shall try this out on my trip to Denver this weekend, I'm thinking Hollywood or Iced Coral. Ill give you a personal review on the application process and the longevity of Shellac!
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Monday, 23 January 2012

Luanda.. Angola

Hiya dolls,
My travels took me to Luanda in Angola which is in the South of Africa. The flight time was around eight hours. This was my last African trip for the month and boy did they save the best for last!
As we flew in over Luanda we saw the beautiful sandy clear watered beach.  I could see many skyscraper buildings in the works and the city just felt alive. My assumptions of what to expect from this country could not have been so wrong.
Everything about this hotel just spoke luxury, I was uber relaxed here, the pool wasn't freezing, I had complimentary wi-fi, the temperature was spot on.... hot with the occasional cooling breeze that prevented sweating.. Eeek!

I absolutely loved the d├ęcor of the hotel, it was modern, classy and all topped of with a sprinkle of tranquillity. The furnishings of, vibrant pea green and subtle baileys creams are similar to the look of my living room. :)
Luanda is a very rich capital, mostly because Angola has a lot of oil resources, you'll see that the dominant passenger type on flights such as Luanda are male, bald sporting tattoos and dressed in a t-shirt, with the odd suit and tie.

I got my much needed beauty sleep here...My room was swanky and came with a remote control that had the air con, TV and lights all on the same clever little gadget. This has been my favourite trip this month, just for the sheer fact that I was relaxed, felt important and the fact that I'm now a radiant gold colour. ;D

What did you think of my trips this month? Where's your fav?
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Friday, 20 January 2012

Tips for a nervous flyer

Hi dolls,
By no means am I a hypnotist or a qualified physiologist, but I do have some tips that I do believe really help when dealing with a nervous passenger. We are all human, and we do have our fears, its natural, I myself have never been afraid of flying but cats and spiders are another story. However, I will not say that I haven't had the odd moment during a flight, where turbulence has been so severe that I've had closed my eyes and say a prayer. I've learnt that turbulence is something that always passes, it’s much similar to driving your car along a bumpy road, it causes discomfort, but is not dangerous. As an air hostess, I've become used to the uneasy rides, when you're in the middle of serving dinner to an aircraft full of hungry passengers, you just learn to ignore it and get on with your job. (All smiles in the aisles). I often find when faced with a anxious, if I answer all the questions they have and tell them what to expect such as noises you hear during take off and landing, they become more relaxed. I always encourage them to tell a member of the crew before the flight, so regular attention is paid to that passenger. So enough of my rambles, here are some tried and tested tips.

According to statistics flying is recognised as the safest means of transportation, yes I can hear you thinking ‘how is that bit of metal gliding though the air safe?’ But it’s a clever invention beyond us, we just have to have faith that we will be safe.

One thing I always think about is, if the captain is happy to fly the aircraft we should be happy to be the passengers, the skipper would not put himself in danger if he had doubts.

Always remember that the crew on board have all been trained in the eventuality of emergency or instances such as a lady going into labour.  All aircrafts have safety measures and back ups in place, technology is so advance that we are able to talk to air traffic control  and medical experts, about anything that has gone wrong and where is quickest in the flight path to divert.

Let’s use my fear of cats as an example, many people have these as household pets and get on with life. I should be able to be in the same room with a feline if another human can do the same. I feel as though a fear is physiological and we can overcome it if we train ourselves to do so, just think many people fly countless times per week for business purposes, if they can do it why cant you?  

Yes we are not birds, but don’t let your dream vacation become a fearful nightmare.
  • Tell a member of the crew they will look after you , promise..x
  • Take a walk to the galley and have a good ole’ chinwag with the crew, this passes time and erases those uneasy thoughts for while.
  • Do things to take your mind off things that you cannot control, read a book.
  • Download ‘Angry Birds’, those suckers with there cheeky grins .. you’ll spend a LOT of time trying to knock them over on that one difficult level you've been trying to clear for 3 weeks now ARRRGHHHHHHH!.. Ermm, hypothetically speaking, if you were in that predicament as many people are* cough*.
  • Watch that new film that has just hit the cinemas in the entertainment on board. I suggest a comedy helps.. Laughing diverts the attention of the brain.. Ever tried speak to whilst laughing? Lol 
  • Find that person who is constantly dribbling while they sleep. Hilarious!
  • Catch some zzz’s , by the time you wake up it will be pretty much time to land at your destination.
  • Drink water,  I've seen many people drinking alcohol to banish the nerves, this only makes you a drunk mess when you arrive at border control.
  • Say to the person next to you that your nervous, a bit of light hearted conversation is always comforting, you might even make a friend or meet your future spouse. ;)
  • Listen to soothing music such as Michael Buble’, Usher, Alicia Keys.
  • Print out a picture of your holiday hotspot and take it with you, study it and just think how tranquil and relaxed you’ll be once you've arrived.
  • Think about the fact that you’ll be exploring something new; you've finally been able to leave your boring country and venture elsewhere.
  • Finally think of the memories you’ll make.
Flying can be fun I do it for a living, I get to see parts of the world I never thought I would, its amazing.. As long as you've got a bit of trust and faith that your God will be watching for your travels, u’ll be fine.x

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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Blog Award.. New Followers..

Hey dolls,
How are you guys? I thought I'd do a quick thank you blog .
Firstly welcome to my new follower The Beauty Geeks ... I'm so chuffed to have you guys on board.. ;) x
Secondly my gorg friend over at Absolutley beautiful has given me a blog award ..Yay!! I'd like to thank Katie for giving me the inspiration to go ahead and start writing my blog, i heart your leopard print loving self. LOL

So heres my top 5 blogs.. they have become my daily reads:
♥. Absolutley beautiful....  For professional tips and tricks, she has it all.
♥.Polish and Pearls....  Its like being in a candy store , its always so pretty, fab nail blog.
♥.Blaming Beauty...  Stylish, trendy i heart this blog.
♥.The Beauty Geeks... They are nuts but i like it, i always leave their blog with a smile.
.Wonders-Of-Beauty...  For reviews on high end products and brands she does it oh so honestly.

Congrats on your award !! Join in by picking your top 5 and letting them know you've chosen them..
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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Accra... Ghana

Hey dolls,
All this month I've been flying to African countries or as mum now calls it, 'The tour of the motherland'. I've found all these trips, very enlightening and spiritually calming. I thought I'd lost my excitement/adventure mojo, but I can proudly say it has returned. I now find my trips are ones that evoke surprise, admiration,wonder and astonishment. I find simple things such as the landscape and oddly, the smell of a new country has become truly refreshing. Its as though I'm on a journey of self fulfillment taught by an invisible guru of faith. *Halo appears over my head*. :)

So this week, I grabbed my sun cream, just add hot water cup-o-soup and hopped on the Boeing 777, to Accra in Ghana .
Six hours, five minutes later I arrived to an intensely hot Accra. We were met with a few of these 'Akwaaba' (welcome) signs, as we fished our way through the crowded airport. All together we counted around 15 of these signs, it was funny to begin with, as it warned in the red font, that paedophiles should go elsewhere. However I could never imagine this sign at the border control in the UK, all I could say to this was, wow!
We were joined for lunch by this special little guest,we christened her Elizabeth. 'Lizzy' boasted an array of colours on her body, with an orange head, silver body and a orange and royal purple tail. Lizards are quite popular in Africa, I've seen them Nigeria and also in Nairobi they are apparently harmless creatures, so the hotel staff say * raised eye brow*, because they eat the mosquitoes. 

I almost stole one of these tribal ornaments, there was one around every corner.. 
The door to my hotel room was intricately carved, with shapes from wood types such as mahogany and cherry oak. Beyond the door was my own apartment with mosaic tiled floors, exotic bath and shower gels and my own balcony. 

All in all, it was an OK trip, for me Nairobi is in the front running for gold, with a closely following Nigeria.
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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Its a charmed life...

Hey dolls,
A fabulous friend of mine gave me a gorgeous Pandora bracelet for Christmas. Wooohuu!( hearts her forever). I added my first two charms not too long ago, a suitcase and an airplane, both sterling silver of course. They were a special gift and I felt they really expressed what I'm about (a 'travel-o-holic') . I cannot wait to add more, I have my eye on a clip, which help the charms stay in place and stop them sliding to one side. The total value of a full bracelet can be well over £1000.

 Some of the charms are made with 14 carat gold and a single charm costs around £150 upwards.
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Saturday, 14 January 2012


Hi dolls,
I recently flew to Abuja in Nigeria, now many people have the idea that Lagos is the capital, however Abuja has been named the new federal capital of the country.
The capital has very little landmarks, but along my travels to the hotel I saw this beautiful mosque.
Our flight landed quite early and we had the pleasure of seeing the morning sunrise, as we arrived at the hotel.
After a few a hours kip, I headed to the gorgeous pool around noon. It had surpassed my expectations and looked similar to a Thomas Cook brochure. With temperatures soaring to 38 degrees, I caked on my sun factor 15 and laid harmoniously, to the sounds of  Rihanna. Lunch called for something cool and fresh, I tucked into a delicious salad. * side note I only ate the avocado, then ordered some chips.. as my mate Annette moaned via bbm about eating veggies down route*..Sigh.
This stunning sunset produced itself around 7pm, it was truly serene and tranquil. With that signal we returned to our rooms and got ready for dinner.
I had a drink with dinner, it was scrummy.. A cocktail with Malibu, freshly squeezed pineapple and orange juice with a cherry and raspberry grenadine syrup. I fell in love!

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My suitcase hauls


Hi dolls,
So I felt the need to share with you my important essentials, for your suitcase whilst travelling. Being a air hostess I have both a cabin bag and a suitcase that goes into the hold. I've seen many a times where my colleague's bag hasn't turned up on the baggage carousel, and  they are stuck down route with nothing but their uniform and safety manual. Sad times. Besides my bikini and the sun cream * liquid restrictions apply nothing over 100ml can go on board the aircraft*, everything else below comes with me in my cabin bag. I have listed the 11 most important things any holiday-er should pack in their carry on baggage.

1. Passport-  Before you attempt to get on that aircraft.. you need this very important documentation or else you'll face embarrassment and that bubble of sunbathing aboard will burst.

2. Book/Magazine- Nothing better than a great read on those longhaul flights, even poolside, these help transform you into one of the SATC girls.

3. Cream/Lotion- This is a necessity because the air on the airplane is very dry .. and your skin need continuous moisture. To prevent dry elbows and hands use as often as needed.

4. Deodorant- I believe this speaks for itself.

5. Lip gloss- I travel various routes, one week I may be in a sunny Rio de Janerio the next a bone numbing Chicago. The lips skin can get very chapped, dry and sometimes flaky,so for that purpose I always carry and use conditioning balm.

6. Adapter- Now you've landed you need to text your nearest and dearest to let them know you've arrived safely. An adapter is a key item whilst down route * airline phrase*, you need those Ipads, cameras and mobiles fully charged.

7. Ipad- After buying this in the States a few months ago, I can't put it down. The paddy has everything, books, newspapers,movies, music,games,internet and weather. Oh I also heart this clever invention mainly for the change it saves me on texting/phoning back home, i simply Facetime or Skype my mates which is free with wi-fi.. score!

8. Sun cream/Sunnys/Bikini - I have a bikini that always stays in my case, if I its hot enough where i am, i always have a swim. Most of the hotels I stay in also have indoor pools for the colder months.. If you are travelling to a hot country eg. Egypt the sunglasses and sun cream are a must, those UV rays are silent killers. So slap it on every so often and after you've bin the pool.

9. Leggings- They are so versatile, wear with a dressy top to dinner or with the good old ugg boots if its cold.

10. Pj's/ Toothpaste- After a long day of attempting to be Kelly Brook by the pool it does get tiring.. comfy pjs and fresh breath will help put you to sleep after a oh so hectic day.

11. Pot noodles/ Porridge- If the local cuisine doesn't tickle your taste buds, these are good back ups. Upon arrival to my destination sometimes the crew are tired and jet lagged and all just retire to bed, these are a real lifesavers for those moments when your too knackered or don't like venturing out on your own..Just simply add hot water and voila..

                                                                  •♥• Tee •♥•

Friday, 13 January 2012

Dare to dream...

Hi dolls,
I came across an unusually pleasant surprise in my search for a summer holiday destination this year. Its somewhere that you'd probably not have at the top of your list with two stars either side, however it offers sun (for those seeking maximum tan-age), relaxation and the privacy that will have you feeling like royalty. Where do I hear you shouting?
The Song Saa Private Island in Cambodia’s untouched Koh Rong Archipelago. 

The island includes remote and luxurious villas, perfect for honeymoons and intimate weddings or just for that much needed relaxation. Hosting local cuisine in the resorts restaurant, surrounded by crystal clear waters and a backdrop of clear skies during the scorching and sunsets at calm nights. 
 But all this luxury and exclusiveness comes with a price tag: only the wealthy wouldn't blink twice at.

The resort facilities include an infinity edged pool, gym, spa, yoga & meditation center. For the more active guests water sport activities such as sailing, diving, kayaking and snorkeling are offered.

The interior screams luxury and with authentic Cambodian furnishing and subtle colors to make the surrounding landscape the main focus of guests.

Some useful info if your interested in this harmonious destination...British Airways once-daily flight leaves London around 21:30hrs and arrives in Bangkok next day around 15:40hrs. After a wait of around 1hr 20mins it connects with a Kampuchea Airlines flight for the hop to Phnom Penh. Total flight duration 13hrs 30mins.
                                                                   •♥• Tee •♥•