Monday, 23 January 2012

Luanda.. Angola

Hiya dolls,
My travels took me to Luanda in Angola which is in the South of Africa. The flight time was around eight hours. This was my last African trip for the month and boy did they save the best for last!
As we flew in over Luanda we saw the beautiful sandy clear watered beach.  I could see many skyscraper buildings in the works and the city just felt alive. My assumptions of what to expect from this country could not have been so wrong.
Everything about this hotel just spoke luxury, I was uber relaxed here, the pool wasn't freezing, I had complimentary wi-fi, the temperature was spot on.... hot with the occasional cooling breeze that prevented sweating.. Eeek!

I absolutely loved the d├ęcor of the hotel, it was modern, classy and all topped of with a sprinkle of tranquillity. The furnishings of, vibrant pea green and subtle baileys creams are similar to the look of my living room. :)
Luanda is a very rich capital, mostly because Angola has a lot of oil resources, you'll see that the dominant passenger type on flights such as Luanda are male, bald sporting tattoos and dressed in a t-shirt, with the odd suit and tie.

I got my much needed beauty sleep here...My room was swanky and came with a remote control that had the air con, TV and lights all on the same clever little gadget. This has been my favourite trip this month, just for the sheer fact that I was relaxed, felt important and the fact that I'm now a radiant gold colour. ;D

What did you think of my trips this month? Where's your fav?
                                                                                   •♥• Tee •♥•


  1. you are so so lucky! This place looks amazing x

    1. I know right? U wouldn't think to go there. I'll sneak u guys in my suitcase on my next flight. X

  2. Replies
    1. It was amazing.. I'd happily go back.

  3. WOW adding this to my dream destination list!