Friday, 13 January 2012

Dare to dream...

Hi dolls,
I came across an unusually pleasant surprise in my search for a summer holiday destination this year. Its somewhere that you'd probably not have at the top of your list with two stars either side, however it offers sun (for those seeking maximum tan-age), relaxation and the privacy that will have you feeling like royalty. Where do I hear you shouting?
The Song Saa Private Island in Cambodia’s untouched Koh Rong Archipelago. 

The island includes remote and luxurious villas, perfect for honeymoons and intimate weddings or just for that much needed relaxation. Hosting local cuisine in the resorts restaurant, surrounded by crystal clear waters and a backdrop of clear skies during the scorching and sunsets at calm nights. 
 But all this luxury and exclusiveness comes with a price tag: only the wealthy wouldn't blink twice at.

The resort facilities include an infinity edged pool, gym, spa, yoga & meditation center. For the more active guests water sport activities such as sailing, diving, kayaking and snorkeling are offered.

The interior screams luxury and with authentic Cambodian furnishing and subtle colors to make the surrounding landscape the main focus of guests.

Some useful info if your interested in this harmonious destination...British Airways once-daily flight leaves London around 21:30hrs and arrives in Bangkok next day around 15:40hrs. After a wait of around 1hr 20mins it connects with a Kampuchea Airlines flight for the hop to Phnom Penh. Total flight duration 13hrs 30mins.
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  1. Oh this looks lovely but I bet it's soo expensive! Great blog T x

  2. Awww thanks Katie! We shall go there one day when we're worth millions.
    Blaming Beauty thanks hun ..x