Saturday, 14 January 2012


Hi dolls,
I recently flew to Abuja in Nigeria, now many people have the idea that Lagos is the capital, however Abuja has been named the new federal capital of the country.
The capital has very little landmarks, but along my travels to the hotel I saw this beautiful mosque.
Our flight landed quite early and we had the pleasure of seeing the morning sunrise, as we arrived at the hotel.
After a few a hours kip, I headed to the gorgeous pool around noon. It had surpassed my expectations and looked similar to a Thomas Cook brochure. With temperatures soaring to 38 degrees, I caked on my sun factor 15 and laid harmoniously, to the sounds of  Rihanna. Lunch called for something cool and fresh, I tucked into a delicious salad. * side note I only ate the avocado, then ordered some chips.. as my mate Annette moaned via bbm about eating veggies down route*..Sigh.
This stunning sunset produced itself around 7pm, it was truly serene and tranquil. With that signal we returned to our rooms and got ready for dinner.
I had a drink with dinner, it was scrummy.. A cocktail with Malibu, freshly squeezed pineapple and orange juice with a cherry and raspberry grenadine syrup. I fell in love!

                                                                 •♥• Tee •♥•


  1. Great blog post Tee!! That salad looks yum!:) and the pool looks amazing


  2. I'll take you with me in summer .. Well eat plenty of our 5 a days n bake in the glorious sunshine.