Thursday, 19 January 2012

Blog Award.. New Followers..

Hey dolls,
How are you guys? I thought I'd do a quick thank you blog .
Firstly welcome to my new follower The Beauty Geeks ... I'm so chuffed to have you guys on board.. ;) x
Secondly my gorg friend over at Absolutley beautiful has given me a blog award ..Yay!! I'd like to thank Katie for giving me the inspiration to go ahead and start writing my blog, i heart your leopard print loving self. LOL

So heres my top 5 blogs.. they have become my daily reads:
♥. Absolutley beautiful....  For professional tips and tricks, she has it all.
♥.Polish and Pearls....  Its like being in a candy store , its always so pretty, fab nail blog.
♥.Blaming Beauty...  Stylish, trendy i heart this blog.
♥.The Beauty Geeks... They are nuts but i like it, i always leave their blog with a smile.
.Wonders-Of-Beauty...  For reviews on high end products and brands she does it oh so honestly.

Congrats on your award !! Join in by picking your top 5 and letting them know you've chosen them..
                                                                                           •♥• Tee •♥•


  1. nuts!! hahahahah thanks so so much for the award!!<3 xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thats quite alryt.. Ur blogs amazing. I've followed u.. Follow me toooooo! Lol x