Monday, 13 February 2012

E.L.F & Trinket Newbies.

Hey dolls, 
I got word that e.l.f ( eyes lips and face) were having a small sale, I got excited at the thought of cheap make - up. The sale seemed as though all the good stuff was already gone and the remaining items were things you'd never buy.

I've been wanting to try cream eyeliners for sooo long I just never took the plunge. We sell the Bobbi Brown black gel eyeliner on board but for the price, I thought if I didn't like it I'd be pretty cheesed of for paying so much for it. Any ways I got this in 'Gunmetal' and for a pocket friendly £1.
I was really impressed with it, the colour is very deceptive, because in the pot it looks grey, but on the swatch it appeared a warm metallic golden brown. * That description made no sense,  hope you got my drift* lol
On the eyes I've been wearing it during the daytime with a thin coat on the eyelid and it looks like a toned down black.  I build it up on my night out with friends last night for an amazing smokey eye.
 I also wanted to try out a stipple brush which you use to apply liquid foundation, this gives the perfect coverage alongside my 'Make Up Forever- liquid  foundation #18'. 
 This powder brush is soft for the £2.50 price tag, I've previously tried topshop's powder brush and its nothing in comparison to this beauty. Its a full brush and made my 'MAC- Mineralize skin finish natural' powder last for the majority of my flight. 
 I bought this white eye widener for around £1.50, its meant to make your eyes appear fuller/bigger and help brighten them up when placed on the lower waterline. Ermmmm, yea but I beg to differ!!!! The quality/texture of the pencil was quite soft and mushy and big chunks kept breaking off into my eye whilst I was applying it, my eyes then became irritated and turnt red (excuse the french) FML.. it was a utter shambles. The dream of having eyes like Kim K's are now broken.

Also a big welcome to my new followers, hope you enjoy my blog.. xx

 •♥• Tee •♥•   

Friday, 10 February 2012

Recent beauty buys.

Hey beauts,
Hope you are all well, I pottered off to the shops today in search of an anniversary card for my parents and ended up in superdrug as i also needed some mini travel essentials. Needless to say my brain went into MUST buy things you don't really need mode!!! Here's what I got...
 Mint Julips from Lush, is great for winter months as its like a sugary scrub to remove dry skin. Just apply on to lips and rub in circular motions till smooth then lick it off as its edible in a choco & peppermint flavour. I needed this after the snow in recent days because me MAC conditioner was just not cutting it. Yummm! 

I've heard a lot of hype about the L'Oreal eyeliners lately so I picked up this ' Super Liner- Black Lacquer' in *Black Vinyl*. Eyeliner is a must for work it just adds a sparkle to my eye make up.

Recently I went blonde argghh and with all the daily heat i put in my hair, it was beginning to suffer.. I used the shamps and conditioner as soon as I got home and was impressed my hair felt so SOFT! The serum can be used on wet or dry hair daily for all day conditioning.. the serum is a must buy! *5/5*

Mini travel essentials are a must for taking your creams, shampoo, shower gel etc aboard. Liquid allowance is 100ml in hand baggage so the mini deo is perfect.
I saw a review of this pretty #405 on a fellow bloggers page and had to get it, whilst finding this shade I also scooped up #419.. after all at £1.49, you are allowed.

 NYC #405- 'Blue Rose'<---------
 NYC#419-'English Rose-------->
Top swatch is the English Rose the lighter pink shade,the more purpley looking one on the bottom is Blue rose.                                       
 The Blue Rose has a two tone look and looked pink in some lights and a glittery blue/purple in others..
The English rose looked light and had a natural soft pink tone.. * excuse the state of my lips..the sugar scrub will sort these bad boys out in no time!
I tried my hardest to save his red velvet cupcake until  V' Day but that attempt was an EPIC FAIL!!
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Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Hey dolls,

I'm back from a hectic four day European Tour. We had delays because of the snow in the UK, so that meant we could not depart or arrive to the airport without some massive delay. My gosh I've never sat on an aircraft for so many hours doing nothing. Goes without saying, that every passenger attacked us with questions and made it seem as though it was our fault for the big freeze. #Sigh

I flew to Budapest at weekend and was met with  an unexpected -12 degree temperature as well as LOTS of snow.  Times such as these I took advantage of wearing my wellies, as my beloved uggs just would not survive.

There was something very familiar about this place, it was my first time here, yet i felt comfortable and almost right at home. 
 For dinner we decided to be traditional and head to a ' British- like pub'. It wasn't half bad, I had a few glasses of this cider, I must say its the best one I've tasted yet, it reminded me of a fizzy apple juice.
I craved a warm heart soup, so I ordered the local Goulash.. my thoughts on on this were mixed, it had the keeping me warm factor, yet it was like a VERY salty gravy/ stew with chunks of potato and beef. I got up in the middle of the night and found myself drinking bucket loads of water, I didn't go hungry so I guess it did the job.. well kinda...
So pretty..
 Lol at the memories of whole crew making snow angels ...
    How romantic does this bridge look? It hovered over a river, simply beautiful
 •♥• Tee •♥•   

Welcome aboard..

Guess what?!  I have new friends.. :)
Welcomeeeee to madam Hannah her blog Blushworks is fab, with a versatile mix of fashion, make up and  Moroccan oil sniffing feline. Also to the gorgeous Ella' martine Adashofperfection , a very talented dancer and product reviewer. Enjoy my crazy travelling tales. xx

                                                                                                         •♥• Tee •♥•    

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Hey dolls,
I'm sorry to say that on my recent trip to Denver I left my camera at home. * hangs head in shame*. I went to a Mexican diner called ' Chilli's were I discovered a orgasmic mango margarita and fajitas that were so yummy. The following day I went shopping in the small mall, however I really should have gone to the bigger Cherry Creek Mall because they have lots more shops,but time didn't permit. I didn't buy much, but I did do a bit of much needed Bath&Body Works therapy though ,so here's some of what I bought.
I found this gorgeous eye shadow palette in forever 21 for a bargain $10.

I've had no candles since Christmas, this is because I've been flying to Africa all of January. Oh how I've missed these delicate and soothing candles.. I would live in B&B Works if i could, their candles are like no other, they burn work absolute ages and they always have deals going on each time I visit.
These hand anti-bacterial gels are great for germs on board the aircraft. You can also order online from the website for shipping if your in the UK like me.

Have you got any favorite candles?
                                                                                                 •♥• Tee •♥•   

My 1st 'Glossy Box' ...

Hi beauts,
My first glossy box arrived in the post, fun times! I was extremely happy I received it today because, I'm jetting out tomorrow and thought that it would arrive whilst I was away. So for that thumbs up for royal mail. Lol. I subscribed around the 24th of January, so I got January's box ,which was a special Valentine's Day edition. This box is said to be 'packed with 5 practical  and perfecting products to help you feel extra special' as V Day is around the corner.
I absolutely heart the design and packaging of this box and also you could use this fab pink box for so many things, I have decided to use it as a hair/ bobby pin I can never find those lil guys when I need them.

Products that came in my box were:
EYEKO- Shinny Eyeliner -*Emerald green*
ORLY- Nail Lacquer (Varnish/ Polish) - *Ruby*
MURAD- Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer  - *Dewy finish*
FAB- Gentle Body Wash- For sensitive skin
WELEDA- One Step Cleanser & Toner-  Travel size

Well I’ll be honest I wasn’t too impressed, green isn’t one of my best colours but I do like the metallic finish the eyeliner left. I will attempt wearing this on a night out.

Now I know Murad is a very popular brand in the US. I have previously purchased a few of their products from Sephora, with their eye lightening and brightening cream being a haul of mine. However I saw no dramatic changes to my everyday look with this primer.

 The Orly nail polish is right up my street, its the perfect colour for work.. It dries quickly and is a cute size!

All the other products didn’t have me doing cart wheels ,  so I’m hoping February’s box will be better.
                                                                           •♥• Tee •♥•