Thursday, 2 February 2012

My 1st 'Glossy Box' ...

Hi beauts,
My first glossy box arrived in the post, fun times! I was extremely happy I received it today because, I'm jetting out tomorrow and thought that it would arrive whilst I was away. So for that thumbs up for royal mail. Lol. I subscribed around the 24th of January, so I got January's box ,which was a special Valentine's Day edition. This box is said to be 'packed with 5 practical  and perfecting products to help you feel extra special' as V Day is around the corner.
I absolutely heart the design and packaging of this box and also you could use this fab pink box for so many things, I have decided to use it as a hair/ bobby pin I can never find those lil guys when I need them.

Products that came in my box were:
EYEKO- Shinny Eyeliner -*Emerald green*
ORLY- Nail Lacquer (Varnish/ Polish) - *Ruby*
MURAD- Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer  - *Dewy finish*
FAB- Gentle Body Wash- For sensitive skin
WELEDA- One Step Cleanser & Toner-  Travel size

Well I’ll be honest I wasn’t too impressed, green isn’t one of my best colours but I do like the metallic finish the eyeliner left. I will attempt wearing this on a night out.

Now I know Murad is a very popular brand in the US. I have previously purchased a few of their products from Sephora, with their eye lightening and brightening cream being a haul of mine. However I saw no dramatic changes to my everyday look with this primer.

 The Orly nail polish is right up my street, its the perfect colour for work.. It dries quickly and is a cute size!

All the other products didn’t have me doing cart wheels ,  so I’m hoping February’s box will be better.
                                                                           •♥• Tee •♥•   


  1. OO love the pink box for storage!! Shame about th eother products but I love the Orly nailpolish x

  2. I kno I wasn't crazy about them, Im gona try the liner 2moro night whilst in Budapest n see what happens lol. X

  3. I love the Orly nail polish. Shame about the other items though :( i really wish they had something like this here in new zealand. I'm so jealous reading all the beauty box reviews, i just want to try one! xx

    1. Don't they? The must have other boxes where you are, I've left you a message on ur blog.. Xx