Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Hey dolls,

I'm back from a hectic four day European Tour. We had delays because of the snow in the UK, so that meant we could not depart or arrive to the airport without some massive delay. My gosh I've never sat on an aircraft for so many hours doing nothing. Goes without saying, that every passenger attacked us with questions and made it seem as though it was our fault for the big freeze. #Sigh

I flew to Budapest at weekend and was met with  an unexpected -12 degree temperature as well as LOTS of snow.  Times such as these I took advantage of wearing my wellies, as my beloved uggs just would not survive.

There was something very familiar about this place, it was my first time here, yet i felt comfortable and almost right at home. 
 For dinner we decided to be traditional and head to a ' British- like pub'. It wasn't half bad, I had a few glasses of this cider, I must say its the best one I've tasted yet, it reminded me of a fizzy apple juice.
I craved a warm heart soup, so I ordered the local Goulash.. my thoughts on on this were mixed, it had the keeping me warm factor, yet it was like a VERY salty gravy/ stew with chunks of potato and beef. I got up in the middle of the night and found myself drinking bucket loads of water, I didn't go hungry so I guess it did the job.. well kinda...
So pretty..
 Lol at the memories of whole crew making snow angels ...
    How romantic does this bridge look? It hovered over a river, simply beautiful
 •♥• Tee •♥•   


  1. hey! It's sarah from TheBeautyGeeks, Faye got promoted to assistant manager at her work so lately we havent met up as much and when we have it's been to go out, so I made my own blog for just my posts. We have got some stuff to review soon though so hopefully we'll be posting again in the next week ish! xx

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    1. Thanks chick, u can borrow em if u want haha.. I miss the beautygeek blog I'll b checking until u post. :) xx

  3. Those wellies are so adorable! I love them! Your blog is so interesting. I have always thought air travel is so much fun. I'm following! I would love if you could visit my blog, too, and follow me back if you enjoy :)
    Take care!
    XO, Janie

  4. Aww thanks Janie.. I've posted a comment on ur blog :) xxx

  5. Such a great post and lovely blog! I love those wellies, can't wait fr the weather to get better here so I can wear them too!
    Fashionhypnotised girl

    1. Thank you, had a look at ur blog.. Left you a comment also..

  6. Love your blog. I just found you :)
    Are you from Hawaii? I noticed your banner :)

    Hope you have a beautiful day!!

    1. Hey hun, I wished I was from Hawaii im from the UK.Its on my dream list along with Bora Bora.. ahh one cant dream :)xx

  7. love the snow, although i really should invest in a good pair of wellies as id wear them all the time in england! your right, uggs arnt made for snow. and snow boots (which i have) make me look like a man on the moon. x

    1. lol at the snow boots ..Im from london hun, I wear these babies everytime it rains. Asos has cute ones also marks n sparks.. xx

  8. It's so beautiful there. I would love to go there some day. Come check out my blog and follow me as I'm following you.