Friday, 10 February 2012

Recent beauty buys.

Hey beauts,
Hope you are all well, I pottered off to the shops today in search of an anniversary card for my parents and ended up in superdrug as i also needed some mini travel essentials. Needless to say my brain went into MUST buy things you don't really need mode!!! Here's what I got...
 Mint Julips from Lush, is great for winter months as its like a sugary scrub to remove dry skin. Just apply on to lips and rub in circular motions till smooth then lick it off as its edible in a choco & peppermint flavour. I needed this after the snow in recent days because me MAC conditioner was just not cutting it. Yummm! 

I've heard a lot of hype about the L'Oreal eyeliners lately so I picked up this ' Super Liner- Black Lacquer' in *Black Vinyl*. Eyeliner is a must for work it just adds a sparkle to my eye make up.

Recently I went blonde argghh and with all the daily heat i put in my hair, it was beginning to suffer.. I used the shamps and conditioner as soon as I got home and was impressed my hair felt so SOFT! The serum can be used on wet or dry hair daily for all day conditioning.. the serum is a must buy! *5/5*

Mini travel essentials are a must for taking your creams, shampoo, shower gel etc aboard. Liquid allowance is 100ml in hand baggage so the mini deo is perfect.
I saw a review of this pretty #405 on a fellow bloggers page and had to get it, whilst finding this shade I also scooped up #419.. after all at £1.49, you are allowed.

 NYC #405- 'Blue Rose'<---------
 NYC#419-'English Rose-------->
Top swatch is the English Rose the lighter pink shade,the more purpley looking one on the bottom is Blue rose.                                       
 The Blue Rose has a two tone look and looked pink in some lights and a glittery blue/purple in others..
The English rose looked light and had a natural soft pink tone.. * excuse the state of my lips..the sugar scrub will sort these bad boys out in no time!
I tried my hardest to save his red velvet cupcake until  V' Day but that attempt was an EPIC FAIL!!
 •♥• Tee •♥•   


  1. I have the lip scrub, it's soooo good! Love the lippies too & also the cake xx

    1. hi, ummm errr so basically you like all the sweet things FATTY!xx

    2. yeah, not even gonna deny it!! xx

  2. Ooo glad to see you got the lipstick i reviewed :P x

    1. I noo thanks for posting it in the first place I prefer it on u tho. Lol :) x

  3. I love lipstick!

    Lovely blog! New follower :D

  4. I love your blog, I'm your newest follower. I love Mint Julips too, its my favourite out of all three of the scrubs. If you get time please come and visit my blog and say hi :)

    B xxx