Saturday, 14 January 2012

My suitcase hauls


Hi dolls,
So I felt the need to share with you my important essentials, for your suitcase whilst travelling. Being a air hostess I have both a cabin bag and a suitcase that goes into the hold. I've seen many a times where my colleague's bag hasn't turned up on the baggage carousel, and  they are stuck down route with nothing but their uniform and safety manual. Sad times. Besides my bikini and the sun cream * liquid restrictions apply nothing over 100ml can go on board the aircraft*, everything else below comes with me in my cabin bag. I have listed the 11 most important things any holiday-er should pack in their carry on baggage.

1. Passport-  Before you attempt to get on that aircraft.. you need this very important documentation or else you'll face embarrassment and that bubble of sunbathing aboard will burst.

2. Book/Magazine- Nothing better than a great read on those longhaul flights, even poolside, these help transform you into one of the SATC girls.

3. Cream/Lotion- This is a necessity because the air on the airplane is very dry .. and your skin need continuous moisture. To prevent dry elbows and hands use as often as needed.

4. Deodorant- I believe this speaks for itself.

5. Lip gloss- I travel various routes, one week I may be in a sunny Rio de Janerio the next a bone numbing Chicago. The lips skin can get very chapped, dry and sometimes flaky,so for that purpose I always carry and use conditioning balm.

6. Adapter- Now you've landed you need to text your nearest and dearest to let them know you've arrived safely. An adapter is a key item whilst down route * airline phrase*, you need those Ipads, cameras and mobiles fully charged.

7. Ipad- After buying this in the States a few months ago, I can't put it down. The paddy has everything, books, newspapers,movies, music,games,internet and weather. Oh I also heart this clever invention mainly for the change it saves me on texting/phoning back home, i simply Facetime or Skype my mates which is free with wi-fi.. score!

8. Sun cream/Sunnys/Bikini - I have a bikini that always stays in my case, if I its hot enough where i am, i always have a swim. Most of the hotels I stay in also have indoor pools for the colder months.. If you are travelling to a hot country eg. Egypt the sunglasses and sun cream are a must, those UV rays are silent killers. So slap it on every so often and after you've bin the pool.

9. Leggings- They are so versatile, wear with a dressy top to dinner or with the good old ugg boots if its cold.

10. Pj's/ Toothpaste- After a long day of attempting to be Kelly Brook by the pool it does get tiring.. comfy pjs and fresh breath will help put you to sleep after a oh so hectic day.

11. Pot noodles/ Porridge- If the local cuisine doesn't tickle your taste buds, these are good back ups. Upon arrival to my destination sometimes the crew are tired and jet lagged and all just retire to bed, these are a real lifesavers for those moments when your too knackered or don't like venturing out on your own..Just simply add hot water and voila..

                                                                  •♥• Tee •♥•

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