Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Accra... Ghana

Hey dolls,
All this month I've been flying to African countries or as mum now calls it, 'The tour of the motherland'. I've found all these trips, very enlightening and spiritually calming. I thought I'd lost my excitement/adventure mojo, but I can proudly say it has returned. I now find my trips are ones that evoke surprise, admiration,wonder and astonishment. I find simple things such as the landscape and oddly, the smell of a new country has become truly refreshing. Its as though I'm on a journey of self fulfillment taught by an invisible guru of faith. *Halo appears over my head*. :)

So this week, I grabbed my sun cream, just add hot water cup-o-soup and hopped on the Boeing 777, to Accra in Ghana .
Six hours, five minutes later I arrived to an intensely hot Accra. We were met with a few of these 'Akwaaba' (welcome) signs, as we fished our way through the crowded airport. All together we counted around 15 of these signs, it was funny to begin with, as it warned in the red font, that paedophiles should go elsewhere. However I could never imagine this sign at the border control in the UK, all I could say to this was, wow!
We were joined for lunch by this special little guest,we christened her Elizabeth. 'Lizzy' boasted an array of colours on her body, with an orange head, silver body and a orange and royal purple tail. Lizards are quite popular in Africa, I've seen them Nigeria and also in Nairobi they are apparently harmless creatures, so the hotel staff say * raised eye brow*, because they eat the mosquitoes. 

I almost stole one of these tribal ornaments, there was one around every corner.. 
The door to my hotel room was intricately carved, with shapes from wood types such as mahogany and cherry oak. Beyond the door was my own apartment with mosaic tiled floors, exotic bath and shower gels and my own balcony. 

All in all, it was an OK trip, for me Nairobi is in the front running for gold, with a closely following Nigeria.
                                                                                   •♥• Tee •♥•


  1. Ooo Ghana doesn't look to bad , hotel looks lovely. Ive given you a blog award , come and colllect it from my blog xx

  2. Enjoyed your post. Just got back from two weeks in Ghana myself. Was fun to see it through someone else's eyes and pics. Thanks!